For 30 years, our patient @selmacaar, who has been suffering from MIGRAINE for many years and could not find a solution to his migraine despite trying many treatment methods, applied to us while he had an unbearable migraine attack. After 2 sessions of Special MIGRAINE TREATMENT SOLUSION injections, her headache disappeared; she did not have a migraine attack again.

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Selma Acar

For 30 years I have been suffering from MIGRENIA. I was constantly using medications for my pain. I had previously been treated by Dr. Ahmet B. due to the complaint of Neck Hernia. My neck hernia pain had passed. When I had a Migraine attack in the form of a serious crisis, I came to Dr. Ahmet again. He gave me injections for Migraine treatment. My pain passed instantly during the treatment. I never had Migraine pain in the same way again. I am very comfortable now. They say there is no cure for Migraine. But I am very pleased with myself, I recommend Dr. Ahmet Beyi to everyone who has migraine.

Erdinç Demir

I had migraine for 5 years. Even though I had my migraine medication prescribed and I took it, the amount of medication was not enough. The amount of medication prescribed to me was not enough and so I was additionally buying the medication myself. I came to Dr. Ahmet Dalmızrak on recommendation and he gave me injection treatments. I am very comfortable now, my migraine is gone. I don’t have my medicines prescribed, I don’t buy medicines from my own pocket anymore. My pain is completely gone. I recommend Mr. Ahmet to everyone.

Sümeyye Aydın

I had unbearable Migraine pains for about 10 years and in addition to this, I had both Jaw joint and Nape Pain. I was also experiencing tooth clenching at night. I tried many treatment methods but my pain did not go away. I finally came to Dr. Ahmet Bey. He applied some injections to me and also applied injections to my jaw joint. After the treatment, I no longer have pain, I do not use medication. My jaw joint pain has also disappeared, and my night teeth clenching has also decreased. Thanks to Mr. Ahmet. I recommend him to everyone with headache.