Treatment Process

First of all, our location is in Istanbul.
We recommend 4 sessions of treatment in total.

We give the injections of the TREATMENT SOLUTION we apply with NEEDLE INJECTIONS to the head, neck and back areas according to the complaints of the person. Our treatment has no side effects except swelling at the injection sites. These swellings completely disappear after a few days without leaving a trace.

We recommend 3 sessions once a month and an additional 4th session 6-9 months after the 3rd session. We start to see the effectiveness of the treatment after the first session. After the first session, the intensity, duration and frequency of pain begin to decrease. After the 3rd and 4th sessions, most of our patients recover and stop their medications completely.

In order to make the needle injections less felt during the session, we optionally apply SEDATION ANESTHESIS to our patients.

1 session treatment lasts about 2 hours.

Our treatment is not Neural Therapy, Dry needling, Acupuncture, Botox, Cupping, Bioresonance, Radiofrequency, Nerve Blockage, Trigger point, GON, surgery etc. Our treatment is a completely SEPARATE TREATMENT and is the MOST EFFECTIVE treatment for MIGRAIN and other CHRONIC HEADACHE disorders.

Our treatment is applied with NEEDLE INJECTIONS.

We apply our treatment in Istanbul Private Güngören Hospital. If you are coming, we recommend that you do not come to the treatment alone and come with someone with you. Since you will be given some anesthetic drugs during the treatment, you will not be able to drive after the treatment.

We work with an appointment system.

You can call 0532 511 5792 for an appointment.

We recommend an average of 3 sessions at 1 month intervals and a 4th session 6-9 months after the 3rd session. (4 SESSIONS IN TOTAL)